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Nido (Infants) 6 weeks to 18 months

Dr. Maria Montessori said “Education…should begin at birth”. In fact, current research on the baby brain concurs that the first year of a baby’s life provides a critical foundation for all future learning. This has profound implications for what we should be doing for our babies to develop. Our Nido program provides a prepared environment where babies develop naturally in their own way and at their own pace. It is a place where parents can feel secure that their child will be loved, nurtured, and encouraged to develop. Our program offers the young child a wide variety of learning experiences utilizing the Montessori approach to education. Our Nido environment aims to meet cognitive and physical needs for challenge at each stage of their first year of development.

The infant program serves children between the ages of 6 weeks to 18 months. The staff ratio is 1 to 4.

Explorers (Toddlers) 18 months to 3 years

Our toddlers environment provides a nurturing environment where students begin their Montessori education. As the foundation for our Preschool curriculum, the Toddler program is designed to guide each child through the separation process, as well as to introduce them to routines of school life. Toddler children are capable of intense periods of concentration. Toddlers absorb knowledge from everything they see and do. The classroom environment is designed to allow them to build trust and to instill a love of learning. To an adult their “work” might look like play, but to a Toddler, it is an extraordinary learning period requiring all their concentration.

In the explorer environment our children come to feel the classroom is their own, special place where they play a mean meaningful role in their own care and the care of their classroom environment. Jobs such as watering plants and dusting the shelves give our Toddlers a sense of independence and respect for “their” classroom.
Our Toddler program is designed for non-potty-trained children ages 18 months to 30 months.

The staff ratio is 1 teacher to every 6 toddlers.

Casa (Preschool) 3 years to 6 years

Our Casa program is a three-year program dedicated to nurturing the child’s inherent curiosity by enabling them to explore and discover. Children learn through touch, movement and observation. Academics are introduced through Dr. Montessori’s didactic materials, which lay the groundwork for abstract thinking. Our Casa children experience intense periods of change, both cognitively and socially. The teacher, always observant, responds with appropriate lessons to support each child’s individual growth, interests and capabilities. The academic materials presented are designed to stimulate a child’s senses as well as to respond to his or her need for order and sense of mastery within the world. We offer a challenging and broad curriculum for our casa children as we continue the values and principles established in our Explorer (Toddler) environment. Children experience a clear routine each day, but within that routine they have the freedom to choose their own activities and pace themselves, rather than having to conform to a strict schedule imposed by adults. It is our goal to create a dynamic and stimulating yet warm, stable and comfortable environment in which your child will thrive.

Our Preschool Montessori classrooms are for potty-trained children ages 2 through 6 years.

We create a happy and nurturing environment where children feel comfortable to discover and achieve their full potential.

Children develop self-confidence and self-esteem and much more.