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We are dedicated to providing an environment that is clean, safe, nurturing and carefully prepared to provide positive learning experiences for the children in our care, treating each child as an individual and addressing their needs as a whole person.

Montessori of North Park

At Montessori of North Park we prepare students to be confident, independent and knowledgeable. We believe in nurturing the whole child to foster a love of learning, create opportunities for growth while building self-respect and self-worth.

Our Montessori in Santa Clarita, is an authentic, nurturing Montessori school, offering care, preschool and kindergarten. Our classrooms provide a clean and safe environment in which each child is free to explore and discover himself and the world around him. Our teachers applaud diversity and encourage acceptance, giving each child the confidence to express his uniqueness.

Each classroom is equipped with Montessori materials, specifically designed to stimulate curiosity, provide ordered and sequential learning, and ensure that each child experiences the pride and pleasure of completing tasks successfully. Our Montessori teachers, in addition to having Early Childhood Education, are all trained in the use of these materials designed to stimulate discovery while developing the skills necessary for accomplishing tasks.  For more information on our curriculum and our Montessori, please feel free to contact us for a tour or any other inquires.  We always look forward to hearing from you!

Our Montessori In Valencia

What Is Montessori?

The Montessori Method was developed in the 1900´s by Dr. Maria Montessori. She based her method on the premise that each child is born with a natural curiosity for life and its surroundings, and a drive to develop himself. A child learns best by using his senses and having the freedom to explore with materials that are a part of his prepared environment.

Dr. Maria Montessori devised the “prepared environment” to allow all children to work and develop at their own speed. In order to achieve this in a positive and successful method, Dr. Montessori designed various materials for the children to use individually. 

The goal is to motivate and stimulate a childs natural desire to learn. For more information on our Montessori, feel free to contact us. We always look forward to hearing from you!

Why Choose Montessori of North Park?

Montessori of North Park is committed to providing the highest quality learning environment for children.

We have implemented a “prepared environment” here at Montessori of North Park for all the children to have an opportunity to be successful and exceed their fullest potential.

Our objective is simple…provide an atmosphere of learning that is LOVING and SAFE.

Our Programs

We believe our programs and approach will prepare students for their primary years as well as provide them with enriched experiences and the necessary tools to become lifelong learners.  Our dedicated Montessori staff has the ability to teach the Montessori method and give your child the education they deserve.

Some of our programs include:

  • Nido (infants)
    • 6 weeks to 18 months
  • Explorers (toddlers)
    • 18 months to 3 years
  • Casa (preschool)
    • 3 years to 6 years

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See What Our Parents Say!

I’m so happy to send my daughter to Montessori of North Park. When the director, Rushani, gave us the tour of the school we knew right away that this is where our daughter belonged. Rushani’s warmth and knowledge made us feel confident in leaving our daughter in her care. The school is absolutely beautiful, clean and we are 100% happy with how our daughter has been cared for. She has learned so much in such little time, we are thrilled by her development and progress. My daughter is happy to come to school and enjoys the weekly music and dance classes. The teachers are very friendly and involved with our daughter’s care and development. As a working mom, I feel great about sending my daughter to Montessori of North Park.



Los Angeles, CA

The teachers, and front desk were all extremely friendly and happy, but I have to say… the Director of the facility is AMAZING. She treated me and my two month old so well, she was very happy, could answer every question I had, and provided so much information. It was also amazing walking through the halls, every child knew her and she knew every child’s name. Same with the parents I saw coming in to pick up their kids. She knew them, and they knew her. The parents also seemed to enjoy being there. I spoke to my husband that night and we immediately enrolled the next day. I will update once he starts there, but I have never been so impressed. I’m very excited for him to start. If he can’t be with me, I feel extremely comfortable with him being here. I wish I could give more stars and we haven’t even begun yet!


Valencia, CA

I absolutely would recommend this school to anyone. Their safety protocol is amazing! I went there to pick up my nephew and Rushani was very thorough making sure that she was releasing my nephew to the right person. I felt so comfortable knowing how safe he is when he is in school. The place is so beautiful, clean and everyone is super friendly! His teacher spoke to him and gave me a small update of his day which I thought was really nice! My nephew loves going to school and even on weekends he wants to go to school. You should go check it out!


North Hollywood, CA

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